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I believe Michelle is a very cute mouse girl. She reminds me of the other one you did on Transfur with the mac n' cheese, but I couldn'...

Marcus seems to be very proficient at what he does. Considering he lives in a world at war, he seems to maintain a positive attitude ov...


Phoebe Ann/Phibileon Anatomy
Phoebe Ann: Hi guys, I'm Phoebe Ann. I'm 16, and I attend Alastor City High with my friend Celia Rhodes.

                    I love to bake for my family. My mom taught me everything I know. I'm also a member of the highschool

                    swim team. I'm usually quiet and reserved, but that changes when I do! ;)

Phibileon: Ri-bi-bi-bi-bit! In my toon form, I'm Phibileon! I'm a mix of frog, chameleon, and axolotl (one of these if you're asking:… )

              I absolutely LOVE chocolate ants! I'm not afraid to admit that when I'm in this form! Ri-bi-bit! :D

              My BBF Silly Road might not do so well against water attacks, but I soak them up like a sponge, and send them back with              
              2X the force! ;) I jump higher that her, but I'm more likely to trip! Oops! :XD: Please tell me what you think of me in the 

              comments below. Don't be shy now! Ribit! ;)

Celia Rhodes/Silly Road and Phoebe Ann/Phibileon are my OCs, so please don't use them without my permission. :)

Please comment before you fave, and let me know what you think of her. :)
Silly Road Blue Teaser 1
It took a few days (mostly due to my busy work schedule), but it's here at last: proof that I intend to make good on my word, and so make 2017 Silly Road's year! :D

I will work hard at making this series happen. I will release whole chapters at once, so each one may take some time.

I will still continue my 13 Trials of Kira Lou series, along with any side-projects for some people (and you know who you are)! ;)

I aim to make this a great year of art/stories. I will admit that in the past, I've been rather lazy about submitting things, but I want to show you guys that I'm not just a lot of talk, and that I intend to put my words into action.

Please keep in mind that good art takes time to make.

As for the official release date of chapter 1 of Silly Road Blue, I don't have it yet, but I'll let you know as soon as more progress is made on it.

It's only fair to warn you that I intend to do with this story what has never been done with any other tale involving toon tf before (at least, not to MY knowledge): the story will have serious themes, but still be fun and enjoyable. This won't be just another TF-a-thon. No, I will give this story actual substance, a plot with some twists, drama, romance, adventure, action, thrills,..........and anything else I forgot to mention! :XD:

However, no matter what I do, I will do my best to keep things clean so that no filter will be needed. ^^;

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system, please tell me what you think of this pic. :)

Celia Rhodes/Silly Road is my OC, so please don't use her without my permission. :)

Please comment before you fave. :)

And above all, look forward to some toony fun in 2017! ;)............Hopefully! ^^;
    This takes place inside a Sunday school room that was in the process of being painted. Celia Rhodes and Nate Martin are the only ones in this room at the time. The following dialogue takes place shortly after the paint that Celia found turned her into Silly Road..............

Silly Road: (has crazed look on her face as she smiles and looks at Nate) Do you.......know...........what the big problem with this world is? It's that except for a small handful of individuals which include you and me, the people in this world.....are......STUPID!!! ...........Kuhuhuhuhu! ........... I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, right, my sweet Natey-pie? (her neck snaps to the right, then back into place) Every day,.......people die............... I wouldn't be quite as ticked-off about it if it was just from old age, cancer, AIDS, or some other natural cause, but not only do people take their own lives, and the lives of eachother, .......................what really burns me up is that innocent little ones who never even had the chance to see their first sunrise.............even they aren't spared!!

    All this meaningless murder is enough to make me EXPLODE!!!! (her head explodes into a burst of pink and blue paint, only to regenerate seconds later. Her insane grin shows off her mouth of sharp feline teeth and rabbit front teeth. Her right eye is twitching a bit) This world we live in is sick, my sweet Natey-pie, and in need of some healing solution that isn't found on the shelves anywhere. However, fear not! I have the answer!

    Nate Martin: (looks at her nervously) Um...........I'm almost afraid to ask, but what exactly did you have in mind?

    Sill Road: (holds out her paint brush and can with a crazed grin on her face) This can of paint right here............any sane person would see it as "Pandora's Box", but instead of causing all the trouble in the world, I'll use it to fix the world! Kuhuhuhuhu! And do you know how I'll do it?

    Nate Martine: (sweating a bit) You'll pictures on the buildings?

    Silly Road: (stares blankly at him for a few seconds before breaking out into her insane laughter) Kuhuhuhuhu! Oh, my darling Nate! You're such an incorrigible tease!........ No.....this paint ........... it freed me from my prison of conformity, and always having to live up to everyone's expectations........including that jerk-wad who dared to call himself my father! And now........I plan on using it to "free" everyone else!

    (she starts slowly walking up to him) Just think of it, my love: a world without pain, sadness, or death - a happy, animated world full of happy, insane toons dancing, singing, smashing eachother with huge mallets, blowing eachother up with sticks of dynamite, slicing eachother into pieces, and living through all of it without feeling even the slightest bit of pain or discomfort, because toons can't die, or really be hurt!

    (she wraps her left arm under his shoulder, and rests his head in her huge, 4-fingered paw-hand) And you wanna know the best part? Once I turn you into a toon with this paint, we'll get married, and be together forever!! (presses her forehead against his. some soft purring can be heard from her*, then she pulls her head away so that she's still right in his face) 

    One drop, my love! That's all it will take! (dangles her brush over his head with the paint slowly oozing down towards his head, but then pulls it back at the last second) On second thought.........why should I rush this? If I tooned you now, then everything afterwards wouldn't be nearly as thrilling! This story needs to be better than a simple one-shot, but a series that lasts a good many chapters, so instead I'll save you for very last, in order to make it that much sweeter! It's settled: I shall go out into this grey and dull world, and give it the new coat of paint it doesn't know it needs, and to give the people the freedom that they don't know they can have!

    Nate: (worried expression on his face) Celia, do you even hear yourself?! You're talking about making people into toons, but what about giving them a choice?! What if they don't want your "medicine"? What if they run away in fear of being tooned? All you'll be doing is causing mass panic and hysteria!

    Silly Road: First off, Celia Rhodes was my old life - I'm Silly Road now! And secondly, I'm smarter than what you suggested I'd do: I'll do this quietly at first. I'll disguise as my old human self, trick my still-human friends into a party at one of their houses somewhere, then when I have them all inside, I'll toon them all! Kuhuhuhuhu! And once I have my toon army, we shall spread out, and drag more people into our happy way of life! 

    Sure, we're forcing people to be toons, but consider this if you will: when a patient is sick, does the doctor wait for permission from the patient for giving out the shot that will save that person's life? NO!!! She gives the shot whether the patient wants it or not, because she knows that the patient needs it! And I intend to administer as many "shots" as are needed, in order for this world to be truely happy!!! Kuhuhuhuhu! This will be so much fun! I can't wait to get started!
Silly Road Blue: Sample Script 1
*cats will sometimes press their forehead againt people to show affection. This is for those of you who don't know. ;)

Celia Rhodes/Silly Road and Nate Martin are my OCs, so please don't use them without my permisson! ^^;

Please comment before you fave, and let me know what you think of this sample of dialogue from the upcoming Silly Road Blue - coming 2017! ;)

I'm really sorry I'm making you all wait like this, but I need to buckle down and get serious about doing this series if I ever hope for it to amount to anything! :worry:

It's the only way that Silly Road can be a truely good character in her own right. I've got so many ideas, but I don't know how fast I can get them out.

Hopefully, I can make more progress, because I really want 2017 to be Silly Road's year to shine, and bring joy to all who see her series! ;)

So if you don't hear from me too much in the following year of '17, it'll be because I'm hard at work trying to bring my series to life for all of you, so don't worry about it! ;)
Silly Road Villains: Bobelle
Silly Road: Um.......who are you exactly? ^^;

Bobelle: I am the beautiful Bobelle! I am bobble-head perfection! :D

Silly Road:................KU-HU-HU-HU-HU! That voice! You sound like you're on helium! And that bobbling head sure isn't helping! Why'd you make yourself like that anyway?! :XD:

Bobelle: :furious: For your information, I wanted to preserve my good looks forever, so I spoke to Dr Jigsaw, and the genius gave me this wonderful body! My high-density polymer skin is impervious to attack, and the plastic that makes up my head is especially hard! Enough to crack a normal human skull like an egg! And with these fingers, I can pierce right through a person's body - in fact, these gloves are for making sure my dainty hands are not stained when I do that! :iconevilplz:

Silly Road: Well that won't work on ME - I'm made of paint! ;)

Bobelle: That makes no difference, since I was planning on making you lose your balance fist with my Bobble-Stare! I'll give you a nasty case of vertigo when my eyes glow red as my head bobs side to side! 

Silly Road: (ducks, and rolls, knocking her off her feet, then gets back up) Thanks for being so informative for this bio! It looks like that head of yours is also your biggest weakness, weighing so much that all I had to do was trip you to immobilize you! Look at you - you can't even get up now! :XD:

Bobelle: Aw well, such is the price for bobble beauty I suppose! ^^;

All these OCs belong to me, so please don't use them without my permission! ;)

Please comment, and let me know what you think of this evil life-sized living desk-toy! :)
Silly Road Pink and Blue Inked Headshots
Silly Road Pink: Kuhuhuhu! Hello, all you lovely people of DA! I'm Silly Road. In this version of my story, I'll paint you into toon happiness in my RP Story, but watch out for Duke Nightmare - that dastardly fiend is recruiting as well, and his idea of "fun" comes at the cost of making others unhappy! 

    Don't worry, my lovelies! We'll show him the power of true toony friendship! Kuhuhuhu! :D

Silly  Road Blue: Do you know what the problem with this world is? People feel that they must shove their ideals down others throats until they suffocate! Such was the life I was thrust into. I was supressed for so long, I almost died, but that which did not kill me only made me........mad! 

    My name is Silly Road, and this is my true tale. It is a story of love, trajedy, and madness. If I seem crazy to you, then it's only because this selfish world has made me this way! Make no mistake though. I'm not evil......not at all. I simply see that this world is in dire need of healing, and that's what I shall do with my toonifying rainbow paint, because as far as I'm concerned, it's the only....sane......solution! 

Note: I don't know when I'll ever get back to doing the RP, so Silly Road Pink won't be done for a while. :worry:

For now, I'll focus all Silly Road-related things on Silly Road Blue, which is the real story. ^^;

Here, I've done these headshots to show you the big difference between the Pink and Blue versions: While Silly Road Pink is a light-hearted Toon TF RP meant to be fun for all, Silly Road Blue is a far more serious story, and will include more of my beliefs :iconcrossplz: , so it may not be for everyone. ^^; 

Whether Pink or Blue, Celia Rhodes/Silly Road is my Toon OC, so please don't use her without my permission. :)

Please comment before you fave, and let me know what you think of the differences in themes, or what you think of the 2 different headshots. :)


Suffering for King Jesus
United States
Favourite genre of music: Contemporary Christian
Favourite style of art: manga
Favourite cartoon character: Monkey D. Luffy
Personal Quote: I'm not here to be liked, but I'm more than willing to share Jesus's love!
    I've been thinking lately (and I know how dangerous that is) that....well......there is no easy way to say this. I know you all who are still watching me (or at least most of you who are) want to see more of Silly Road and her story. I'd like to get it done too, but so many people wanted to be a part of the story that the whole thing fell apart! :tears:

    I realized that things would go much more smoothly if I stuck with my original plan: to keep the story 100% original with no one else involved, but I knew if I did that, then I'd tick off too many people who wanted their toon OCs in the story, so I was faced with an agonizing paradox! :X

    After giving it some thought though, I had a much better idea: why not make two versions of the series? One exclusivly for my watchers on DA, and the other one more original. Thus I am pleased to tell you of their titles: Silly Road Pink, and Silly Road Blue! ;)

    Now I know what you're thinking: I've played one too many pokemon games, right? :XD: Well, I assure you that I have rationalization behind this! ;) Allow me to explain:

    Silly Road Pink will be the version exclusively for DA and those in the Toon TF RP! ;) Your toons and toon-sonas will be here. This will also be where Celia Rhodes has birthdays at Freddy Fazbear's, and where other DA OCs from other artists will make guest-star appearences, and even cross-overs. It will be geared towards more RP fun with Silly Road and Duke Nightmare as they engage in their conflict (though Duke would certainly like to get engaged to her! :XD:).

    Silly Road Blue will be 100% my own original story with OCs that are all mine. To compensate for the void the other artist's OCs leave in this version, I will have my own unique toon OCs that will be exclusive to this version of the story, though the might be in the Pink version if requested highly enough! ;) This version will take a bit of a more serious, story-driven tone that will center on our heroine's mental struggles as well as her physical confrontations. More of my own personal beliefs will also be in this version, so just a heads-up! :iconclingtothecrossplz:

    Whichever version you decide to watch, I'll try to make it enjoyable, though I'll probably start work on the Blue version first just to relieve some stress from the RP of the Pink version. ^^;

    In other story-related news, I'll still continue The 13 Trials of Kira Lou as much as I can. A manga adaption of the fantasy story is currently in production, so look forward to that! ;) I also thank :icondearshul: who was kind enough to not only fave some of my Kira OCs, but also make fan-art of them - I may even incorperate design aspects of those pictures into my manga. I personally think Nellie Leggs looks much more motherly with that lipstick! :love:

    So in closing, thanks to all of my watchers for your support. I hope you can understand and respect why I have made this choice, and I hope that I can continue to push out content that you like. I'm no Scott Cawthon, but I'll still do my honest best to give you all good stories to read and/or view. ;)

    Until next time, this is Red, keepn' it real.......or as real as can be expected considering I write fiction with TF content! :XD:
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January? :worry:

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